Personnel Training

Go Abroad for Investigation:
We will organize excellent science and technology personnel and management personnel to go abroad for investigation and visit, to realize the development form of foreign counterparts and improve technicians’ design ability, innovation consciousness and management level; inviting foreign experts to the company scene to guide us.

Education Promotion:
Cooperate with the colleges and universities to form a mode of “from secondary specialized school degree to junior college degree, from junior college degree to undergraduate degree, from undergraduate degree to master's degree, from master’s degree to doctor's degree”, training talents step by step; every year we always choose technical business backbone to visit all kinds of academic qualification education, encouraging staffs participate in the college examination for the self-taught and adult college entrance examination to improve academic qualification.

Vocational Training:
Organize staffs to participate in the unified vocational skills training, and obtain the certificate; organize staffs to participate in the professional training organized by the training organization; internal training instructor offers staffs training.

Post Award:
We usually organize labor contest, operational master rating and annual advanced pacesetter rating and so on. We also send the best players to participate in the external all levels competition to promote staffs’ own development; reward top-notch personnel and motivate staffs to achieve occupation development; every year organize evaluation and reward activities of advanced staffs.