About Red Sun

Though the Red Sun Group was founded in 1989, started empty-handedly on borrowed capital 5,000 yuan, after five times reform and innovation in 26 years, it has become an integrated company on scientific research, manufacturing and marketing of the whole industry chain, covering an area of 7.8 square kilometers in 18 cities(counties) of 5 provinces in 3 countries, with 10,000 employees, having more than 50 billion assets (including intangible assets), over 20 billion annual turnover , 1 billion of the annual profits, with 68 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries (including one Stock Listed Corporation), the patents and the market entries all above 1000, with advanced manufacturing and manufacturing services as the sustainment of the six “Chinese Top 100” titles on Chinese industries and trademarks, etc., seven “Chinese Top 500” titles on Chinese manufacturing, Chinese private enterprises, etc., and "The Top 10 Leaders" and "Asian Top 500 Brands" Titles.


In the next five years, we will use Internet information and high technology to transform traditional industries, and gradually build an international industry agglomeration enterprise, with the core of Internet big date industry, with the support of big agriculture (biochemical pesticides, biochemical fertilizer, biochemical animal nutrition, se-enriched agricultural, functional soft drink) and big health (healthy food, biological medicine, new energy automotive, energy saving and environmental protection, leisure and health-keeping), we call it “one core two wings”.

Rely on industry advantages, using high and new“ Internet + "  big data information technology to transform traditional industry position.

Ⅰ. Global Village (Red Sun) "one core two wings" industry pattern position:


Ⅱ.Build six major industrial chain position:


Ⅲ.Market position of the two brands, GVG(Global Village Group)and Red Sun:

The Red Sun serves farmers, the GVG serves citizens

Struggle ten years for the ten big projects of “creating wealth for farmers, healthy citizens, thanksgiving society":

Ⅰ. Create two “World Top 500” enterprises

1.By 2020, production and marketing will“doubule exceed”150 billion yuan, taxes, profits will“doubule exceed”10 billion yuan; create a World Top 500 enterprise (Red Sun);

2. By 2025, production and marketing will“doubule exceed”350 billion yuan, taxes and profits will“doubule exceed”20 billion yuan; create two World Top 500 enterprises (Red Sun、Global Village).

Ⅱ.Create two “World Famous Brand” enterprises

1. By 2020, Red Sun will become the “World Famous Brand” of serving big agriculture.

2. By 2025, GVG(Global Village Group) will become the “World Famous Brand” of serving citizen’s big health.

Ⅲ. Create a team with thousands of “entrepreneur”

1. By 2020, build hundreds of entrepreneur teams who create sales over 100 million yuan per year( more than ten teams over ten billion among it);

2. By 2025, build thousands of entrepreneur teams who create sales over 100 million yuan per year( more than twenty teams over ten billion among it);

Ⅳ. Create all Red Sun staff’s happiness goal

1. By 2020, create 10 staffs own a billion yuan, 100 staff own 100 million yuan, more than one thousand staff own 10 million yuan and all staff’s new wealth increase one million yuan in five years.

2. By 2025, create 20 staff own a billion yuan, 200 staff own 100 million yuan, everyone’s wealth increase 2 million yuan.

Ⅴ.  Create Chinese public innovation and entrepreneurship "Three Promises" successfully as a precedent, achieve “Three Promises” (such as: promise to sale, promise to increase profits, promise to undertake “3G-one Standard” international market access demonstration fee) for one hundred thousand farmers to innovation and transformation; achieve “Three Promises” (such as: promise to build entrepreneurship model, promise to earn money and no lose, promise to earn cost in a year, become a millionaire in three years, become a multimillionaire in ten years) 

VI. Try to create one of the ten demonstration enterprises of national “public entrepreneurship and innovation”

1. By 2020, strive to lead ten thousand people to start their own business, one hundred thousand people get successful innovation, solve one million people’s employment and re-employment (include the farmers transform to new-type farmers);

2. By 2025, strive to lead one hundred thousand people to start their own      business, one million people get successful innovation, solve one million five hundred thousand people’s employment and re-employment (include the   farmers transform to new-type farmers);

VII. Create a new, first and largest mode called “the Sixth Industry” (Creative Agriculture) in China, by 2020, build a great health industry ecosystem-Healthy ZhaiLianPei Cloud Commerce, healthy farmers and citizens keep in touch with each other and convince each other, covering “one thousand counties and one thousand products”, “one hundred cities and ten thousand shops”, “one hundred countries and ten thousand businessmen”

VIII. Build the “Loving Charity Fund” with one billion yuan, donate to build “Red Sun Loving Charity Fund” with one billion yuan

1. Support 20 thousand poor families in the whole country (ten thousand yuan per family);

2. Accurately assist two poor counties, 100 administrative villages and 20 thousand poor farmer families.

3. Help people to change health awareness, train ten thousand “Nutrition Medicine” trainers independently, and train public who are from 300 cities and one hundred thousand communities in the whole country nutrition medical knowledge, the trainees number is up to one hundred million.

IX. Build a Red Sun fund with one hundred million yuan called “good public servant of grass-roots level people” 

1. Reward ten thousand good grass-roots servants in village or community (only village and community grass-roots cadres);

2. Help ten thousand college student village officials to solve how to serve villagers and achieve transformation and upgrading.