Presonnel Concept
Ⅰ. To create environment for person who want to success, to create stage for person who can succeed; to create position for person who has succeeded, to create space for person who can be successful.
Ⅱ. Keep a person in his (her) position by opportunities, recognition, education and well treatment.。

Ⅲ. On the basis of education:

EQ is better than IQ, wisdom is better than diplomas; diligence is higher than ability, success is depended on quality.


Ⅳ. To use a man of little ability in high capacity is to get everyone useful, on the contrary, it is to get everyone useless.

A person with moral integrity but without talent, should be used reasonably; with talent but without moral integrity shouldn’t be put into an important position; with literary talent but without insight should be trained as the same time use him. 

If a man not only has moral integrity but also talent, we must put him in an important position.

Ⅴ. A suitable person can exert reasonable efficiency into full use on reasonable time and position.