Leadership Style

Yang Shouhai, male, who was born in Gaochun District, Jiangsu Province, and he is a Chinese Communist Party member and gets master's degree, also is a senior

economist. He is theParty secretary, chairman and president of the Red Sun Group,and also takes charge of Nanjing Red Sun Company Limited by Shares. As the same time, Yang is the vice president of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Association,China Chinese pesticide Industry Association and Chinese pesticide Application and Development Association, he is also the vice president of the China Enterprise Confederation and the Nanjing People’s Congress deputy, enjoying the special allowance of the State Council.Yang wins nearly one hundred honorary titles, like the National Labor Model, Chinese Top Ten Leader Entrepreneurs, the Top Ten major Reform influential Man, Rural News People, and the world famous entrepreneur.

Since October 1989, Yang borrowed 5000 yuan to start his own business. He leads the Red Sun to create a No.1 production capacity of the international environmental pesticide “the World Top Three Pesticides” industry chain with the business philosophy of “create happiness for others, create prosperity for the society, create dignity for the country" and the entrepreneur quality of “Still water runs deep; All rivers run into sea; Cultivate oneself, peace others; Social commitment”, to get a consecutive 10th time in the Chinese Pesticide and develop to be a ten leading enterprises in China with a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, domestic and international market of the whole industry chain, annual sales is over 15 billion yuan, and own nearly 10000 employers, with the core of health industry and the cornerstone of life science, health, energy saving and environmental protection, modern agriculture serve, with the main body of “four nuclear core” industrial system, and owning 68  wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries (there is a listed companies, and ten listed companies are to be listed). The Red Sun successfully runs into Top Ten at home and abroad, such as China's top ten leaders, international environmental Pesticides and other three titles, getting “China Top 100” title, including China Industry, China Trademark and other four titles, at the same time get “China Top 500” title, including China Private, China manufacturing and other five titles. The Red Sun becomes a high and new technology industrial enterprise as a domestic key.