Redpont Introduction

    Anhui Redpont Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called: Redpont Biotech) is a high-tech biological limited company, which belongs to Nanjing Red Sun Stock Co., Ltd.(Stock Code:000525), and integrates in R&D, manufacturing and sales, mainly engaged in the manufacturing of Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3). Redpont Biotech is located in the Red Sun Life Science Industrial Park of Dangtu Economic Development Zone in Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province with an area of 310 acres and registered capital 80 million Yuan.

    Redpont Biotech has invested 450 million yuan totally for building 2 sets of nicotinamide manufacturing lines with the production capacity 20,000 tons per year. Firstly, the production technology Redpont Biotech uses is the world's most advanced chemical-enzymatic cascade technology, which is researched and developed by Zhejiang University and Red Sun Group, with full intellectual property rights. The technology is characterized by advanced technology, excellent quality, simple operation, low cost and less three wastes. Secondly, it is an improvement on the pyridine industry chain of Red Sun Group, by making use of the Beta-Picoline, by-product of pyridine’s manufacturing process, to carry on the manufacturing of Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3).

    The Nicotinamide production line of Redpont Biotech is the fruit which strictly follows the concepts of state laws and regulations, respect for humanity and environment etc. We insist: Not only to pursue the production of high quality and inexpensive products, but also to pursue the creation of a safe, easy and harmonious standardized workplace among mankind, machines and materials during the manufacturing process.

    Our business purposes:

    Create value for customers; Create civilization for society;

    Create a state of mind for others; Create an environment for yourself.